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Get your investors 50% of their investment back. Learn how to do SEIS & EIS applications without paying a lawyer or accountant.

If you’re fundraising for equity and don’t know what SEIS & EIS is or you are not sure what you need to do to successfully complete your application then join this session to hear from SEIS & EIS expert, Benmjamin Carew, on how Othership do theirs and the tips they learned along the way.


  • An overview of what SEIS/EIS is and links to read
  • A brief overview of the steps and links to download them
  • Onscreen sharing of example submission documents and emails with downloads where possible

Hosted By:

Benjamin Carew, Co-founder of Othership and Othership Studio. Ben completed the SEIS and EIS for Othership for thier first investment round before decideing to teach others. Since then Ben has completed several applications and trained other Founders every month for the last 3 years.

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