Marlien Ligtenberg

Marlien works as an independent coach and trainer. She helps young professionals at the start of their careers. Driven, ambitious young people, who want to get everything out of their work life! They work hard but often are overwhelmed or exhausted. That is where she can help out: She guides them to performing well without burning themselves out.

She personally experienced these feelings and uses her experience and expertise in the 1-2-1 coaching and the workshops. She creates free tips and content so you can check it out on her site if you are curious.

Marlien moved from the Netherlands to London in the summer of 2020. Making new connections is where she gets her energy from. On the weekends she rows on the Thames. She loves to read cookbooks and creates recipes herself! She is in her happy place when she can cook dinner for a group of friends. They go to live funk and soul music afterward to make it an ideal Saturday night.

“I found out about Othership when I was working from Benk & Bo one day. I asked if they hosted events for freelancers, and that day there was a Co-work and Brunch going on! That is how I heard that Othership existed. I joined and my main spot at the moment is 21Soho. I met a few follow Othershippers and we try to build a group of regulars at 21Soho, so join if you like!

At the moment I work mainly from 21 Soho. It’s a super relaxed spot with great staff and good coffee! And I recently discovered the co-working space HomeWork. They are so great! I attended a networking event and they genuinely want to help their entrepreneurs forward. It is a co-working space with a personal approach that makes you feel very welcome.”

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