With hybrid work is the new normal and there being no ‘standard’ model in fexible working, how do you pick the best desk booking software? No matter if a hybrid organisation is operating out of a coworking space or an office space that employees can use as they please, they need a great desk booking software that helps facilitate collaboration.

The latter is very similar to hoteling software in its ability to book physical space in the most flexible way. With the rise of businesses following a hybrid model, it is no surprise that you will find a wide range of desk booking systems out there and we’re here to help you decide which one is the best!


Othership is more than a simple desk booking software, we’d rather call it a hybrid collaboration software. Global wayfinding, room scheduling, desk booking, visitor management and team-wide calendar views enable employees and collaborators to get together in places that suit them, depending on their individual locations.

Increase efficiency, productivity and the social side of the hybrid workplace with one tool. If you have underutilised space, then sublease it as an office or coworking in Othership on-demand.

Features: Desk booking, multi-location management, scheduling, visitor management, team collaborations, calendar integrations

Pricing: Free, then £4 per month per team member

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Envoy software screenshot


The office space hoteling software Envoy speaks of itself as a flexible workplace platform that brings people together. The focus is therefore on collaboration. Envoy is the new way how companies welcome visitors and book desks and meeting rooms. In addition, there is a solution for deliveries too, so that mail does not pile up unseen. In order to keep everyone in the organization safe, Envoy emphasizes in their desk booking software safety and compliance. The basic plan is available for free the standard plan costs $99 per month and location.

Features: Health checks, sign-in kiosks, visitor dashboards, badge printing, mobile app, multi-location management

Pricing: Basic plan for $3 per user per month, Premium Plan for $5 per user per month.

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Matrix Booking

Matrix Booking

Matrix Booking produces world-leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) resource booking and workplace collaboration software. Its award-winning design and advanced functionality enable organisations to optimise desk, resource, room, and estate usage. Supporting organisations globally with workplace solutions for over a decade, Matrix Booking provides an easy way to book office space through intuitive and user-friendly applications.

Colleagues can search for their team members and reserve spaces to facilitate collaboration whilst in
the office. At the same time, organisations can better understand occupancy rates that will inform
their wider workplace strategy.

Pricing: Free trial available. Pricing starts from £1 per resource per month.

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Condeco screenshot


The workspace platform and desk booking software Condeco puts employees in control of hybrid work by optimizing office capacity and enabling collaboration. The booking software is meant to reduce administrative work and to introduce a smarter booking process.

Condeco offers an easy-to-use app and an integration into Outlook calendars. It is available in English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Features: managing employee and visitor access, space usage reports, Outlook integration, meeting scheduling

Pricing: $45 per user per year for companies of up to 1000 employees, $35 per user per year for companies with more than 1000 employees

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Skedda product screenshot


The online booking and scheduling platform Skedda is suitable for all types of bookable spaces: from hot desks, to meeting rooms and coworking spaces to studios and sports courts. The desk booking software allows customization in the colours of a brand, interactive floorplans and is available as a mobile app too.

Amongst plenty of integrations with other business software solutions (e.g. Google workspace, Microsoft Teams, Zapier etc.), Skedda integrates with Stripe and allows easy payments.

Space owners can customize the software to their needs and employees or members can book flexibly. Skedda’s core plan is available for free, pro plans can be purchased on a monthly or yearly basis.

Features: Booking calendar, automation rules, floorplans, online payments, mobile access, software integrations

Pricing: Core plan is free, pro plan starts at $50 per month (yearly plan available too)

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At Cafe screenshot


We agree that coffee is the glue that brings people together: With at.Café social interaction and community are at the core. This desk booking software is so much more than just a system for office hoteling: It brings people together through real-life interactions. Next to space bookings, people in the organization build relationships through common interests and that goes beyond a coffee break or lunch. Employees are becoming a community and build stronger bonds as a team.

Integration with at.Café allow easy calendar access, facilitate scheduling and chatting as well as safety and compliance.

Features: location management with space booking, event management, communities, organizational charts, interest maps

Pricing: free basic plan, Premium plans for €4 per member per month

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Kadence software screenshot


Kadence is like an operating system for hybrid working that had been designed to improve the coordination of people, spaces and time. If you want to instil trust in your team and empower them to make the best choices about how, when and where they work best, Kadence is your full-suite hybrid working software and it is available in English, French, Spanish and Swedish.

Features: Space analytics and utilization metrics, integrations with Slack, Microsoft Teams and Outlook, interactive floor plans, health screening, single sign on, visitor management

Pricing: $4 per active user per month, billed annually

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Eden workplace software


With Eden, employee experience is at the core of this integrated platform that combines all HR, IT, operational and workplace experience needs. As such, the desk booking software integrates well with tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams and G-Suite to streamline all workflows. Apart from desk booking and visitor management, Eden is a solution for room scheduling and includes a modern ticketing system.

Features: Engagement surveys, internal ticketing, performance management, deliveries, visitor management, desk booking

Pricing: desk booking plans start at $2.25 per desk per month, visitor management and room scheduling are free up to a certain company size, further plans are available for ticketing and surveys

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Deskbird screenshot


Deskbird is an office hoteling software built around users instead of buildings. In a few clicks, employees can plan their week and choose where they will be working from. Other team members can see where everybody will be which allows easier collaboration and meeting scheduling. The desk booking software even includes the planning for parking spaces.

The analytics within Deskbird provide insights into desk usage, space utilization and which days are the most popular. It is available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Ukrainian.

Features: Floor plans, desk booking, integrations with communication platforms and calendars, weekly planning

Pricing: Starts at €1.80 per user per month

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Zynq software


This office management platform goes beyond desk booking and helps maximize collaboration and creativity of employees. It contains collaboration tools, health checks and enterprise analytics that reach from pre-configured reports to on-demand alerts. It fully integrates with Microsoft products, G-Suite and other tools.

Features: desk booking, visitor management, compliance tools, calendar synchronization, analytics

Pricing: Depends on company size

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Cobot software screenshot


Cobot is a coworking space management solution to organize workspace resources, automate billing, grow a community and meeting scheduling. It is whitelabel coworking software to facilitate the administration of coworking spaces and office hubs. It combines desk booking with financial solutions and analytics and is available in English, French, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. Nexudus integrates with a wide range of business software,

Features: Invoicing, billing and payments, bookings and calendars, multi-location management, access control, event planning

Pricing: starts at €59 per month

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Nexudus software screenshot


Nexudus is a white-label platform for flexible working and coworking spaces. Most space management tasks can be automated in one single platform: billing, accounting, community management, event ticketing and secure access management. This desk booking software is available in English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Nexudus integrates with a wide range of business software from Wi-Fi solutions to accounting software.

Features: desk booking, event planning, digital signage, visitor management, community management, billing and payments

Pricing: £125 per month per location

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