Being able to effectively pitch your business idea is key to its success in the competitive world of entrepreneurship. Fortunately, there are many pitch events available that provide a platform for prospective entrepreneurs. This gives them the chance to present their ideas to investors and other possible business partners. This article will highlight some of the best pitch events that are worth checking out and signing up for.

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Othership’s Pitch For Investment Online

The optimum location for presenting a startup idea to investors is at our Pitch For Investment event. You will not only get the chance to present your business and possibly secure funding. You will also be able to receive priceless advice from our investor panel.

Three experienced investors, who have previously invested liquidity in a diverse range of companies, sit on the panel in our online event. They ask insightful questions throughout and offer advice and sometimes investment to the start-ups. If you want to learn more about the event, you can watch the recordings of the event on Othership’s YouTube channel. This shows the previous pitches, how the event works and what you can expect.

If you’re a premium Othership member, you can get 50% off the cost to deliver a pitch (usually £75), or you can join as part of the audience for free – regardless of your membership. The event occurs on the last Thursday of every month, (no event in Dec) and lasts 2 hours. We hope to see you there!

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Angel Investment Network Pitch Events

A UK-based company, The Angel Investment Network, links startups and angel investors. Startups can propose their ideas to an investment panel at the company’s regular events in London. These occasions offer excellent chances for entrepreneurs to be noticed and possibly obtain angel investor investment.

Up to six entrepreneurs get the opportunity to present their ideas at this exclusive event, which contains numerous investors, who attend each event. The investors who attend the event will range from low to high-end investments, depending on what the entrepreneurs and their businesses require. Any enterprise, regardless of how old it is or where it is in its development, can benefit from this type of event.

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Entrepreneurs Collective Pitch Events

The Entrepreneurs Collective hosts regular pitch events/competitions for start-up businesses/entrepreneurs. Aspiring business owners can use the opportunity to refine their business idea, gain recognition for their idea or product.  and perhaps even secure finance to support their efforts. They regularly hold pitch competitions where members can present their ideas to a group of seasoned judges and an audience of potential investors.

Entrepreneurs Collective’s events have several different investors who have expertise in different industries. In light of this, this event is appropriate for anyone looking for funding or seeking guidance for their current company idea. Pitch event slots in front of their investors are always in high demand and priority for places is given to their members. If you are interested in attending, either to pitch or simply to observe, you can find more on Entrepreneurs Collective’s website.

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Techstars Startup Weekend

Techstars is a global network of entrepreneurs and investors that offers support and resources to startups. The company hosts a startup weekend event where entrepreneurs can pitch their ideas to a panel of experts and receive feedback and support. This event is a great opportunity for startups to refine their pitches and gain valuable insights from experienced entrepreneurs.

Startup Weekend is a three-day event which takes place in hundreds of cities around the globe. They have held over 7,000 programs in over 150 countries, which has accounted for over 430,000 total participants. Although they are frequently held, these events quickly sell out, so there is always a chance to select the ideal upcoming event for you and your business.

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Angel Summit Pitch Event

AngelList hosts an excellent pitch event with the goal of bringing together businesses and angel investors. It’s a fantastic chance for companies to present their ideas to a broad audience of possible investors. The event is a 10-week program which is designed to expose both entrepreneurs and accredited investors to the world of angel investing.

The fee to pitch at Angel Summit ranges from $249 – $349, depending on the date the application is submitted. Although this event comes with a high entry fee, your company will receive exposure and obtain valuable feedback from the vast number of angel investors who will be in attendance.

As shown above, some of the best pitch events include:

  • Othership’s Pitch For Investment Online
  • The Angel Investment Network Pitch Events
  • Entrepreneurs Collective Pitch Events
  • Techstars Startup Weekend
  • Angel Summit Pitch Event.

Not ready to pitch?

If you need a little more time to get your pitch ready, why not attend out pitch event as an audience member? We also have some tips for your business pitch, and information about the different funding rounds.

We have even spoken to some Angel investors to find out what they expect from a pitch. Read our interviews with Andrew Davidson, Clint Greaves or Lynn Nathan.

Whichever pitch event you select, the most essential thing is to make the most of the chance to present your idea, Then you can obtain helpful criticism and assistance from investors and other industry experts. We look forward to more events for founders in London and elsewhere in the future. Sign up for our newsletter below to never miss an event or become an Othership member today!