Austin is known for its vibrant startup scene and innovative spirit. With so many coffee shops, cafes and stunning hotel lobbies, finding a free workspace is not a challenge. At the best spots of the Live Music Capital of the World, expect to find high-quality coffee, speedy Wi-Fi, mouthwatering breakfast, bottomless drinks and bright airy spaces to get some work done.

Here are our top picks for the best free workspaces in Austin.

  1. South Congress Hotel
  2. The Westin Austin Downtown
  3. Medici Roasting
  4. Bennu Coffee
  5. Radio Coffee & Beer


1. South Congress Hotel

If you’re looking for a luxurious and productive workspace, look no further than the lobbies of business or boutique hotels in Austin. These hotels offer free Wi-Fi, comfortable seating, and a professional atmosphere. South Congress Hotel in Austin is not an exception.

This boutique hotel’s lobby is a workspace comprising a large table suitable for work, good access to plugs, modern couches and high-speed Wi-Fi. On top of that, the hotel has three restaurants, two bars, one coffee & bake shop, a rooftop pool, two boutiques and a motorcycle shop under its roof.

South Congress Hotel in Austin is a great free workspace
South Congress Hotel in Austin is a free workspace for laptop workers

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2. The Westin Austin Downtown

How about a trip to a historic 6th Street at The Westin Austin Downtown? Lined with blues clubs, country bars and food trucks, 6th Street is why Austin became the Live Music Capital of the World. And if you’re already there, why not get some work done?

We suggest you check out The Westin Austin Downton Hotel. It’s vibrant lobby serves as a great workspace with it’s comfortable seating, speedy Wi-Fi and tasty coffee from their signature restaurant. You can also visit rooftop lounge and finish a tiring workday with a refreshing cocktail in your hand.

The Westin Downtown is a great free workspace in Austin
The Westin Downtown is extremely beautiful free workspace in Austin

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3. Medici Roasting

Medici Roasting has five locations around Austin, but go to the original in Guadalupe. It’s a youthful and energy filled space where you will find a lot of like-minded laptop workers.

This huge open space, full of paintings and wooden furniture, is quickly becoming popular with Austin’s community of creatives and startups. Head upstairs, order your Americano, and get productive throughout the day.

Cafe Medici in Austin serves as a free workspace in Austin
Cafe Medici brings together laptop workers in Austin

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4. Bennu Coffee

Your couch is great, but sometimes you need to venture into society to really get some work done. To be reminded that people wear real clothes. Bennu is (almost) just as comfy comfortable as your living room, but with enough design to it that it feels like more of a destination than your typical coffee shop.

So go on, take a shower, put on some clean clothes, and get your work done here. Bennu Coffee is an independently owned 24-hour coffee shop with locations in east and central Austin.

Bennu Coffee is an independently owned 24-hour coffee in Austin
Bennu Coffee in Austin is a home for laptop workers

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5. Radio Coffee

If you’re not living or staying near South Austin, you probably wouldn’t think to go out of your way for a coffee shop all the way at Manchaca and Ben White. But that would be a mistake, because Radio Coffee & Beer is more than worth it. The wood-covered space feels like a cozy cabin, there’s tons of seating, and the smell of coffee as you enter the shop is intoxicating. A cool vibe brings Austin’s creatives here, who even camp out all day!

Radio Coffee & Beer is a great workspace in Austin
Radio Coffee & Beer attracts many like-minded people to work together

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That concludes our list of the best five free workspaces in Austin. Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or remote worker, these spaces offer a comfortable and productive environment to get your work done. Be sure to check them out and take advantage of their free amenities and services!

So what next? 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these workspaces in Austin really free?
Yes, you can use these workspaces for free! There is no charge for the use of a table in these venues to work from. Some of them even include a free coffee for Othership members

Do I have to pay for the Wi-Fi?
There is no extra charge for Wi-Fi in the free workspaces we recommend.

Is there a stable Wi-Fi connection in free workspaces?
The workspaces that you can book via Othership have all been tested and verified. A good Wi-Fi connection and power plugs are our main criteria when selecting spaces.

Aren’t free workspace very noisy?
We select the venues we recommend carefully. They’re never as quiet as a library, but the noise level allows for a good work environment.

Can I bring my dog to free workspaces in Madrid?
There are spaces that allow dogs and some that don’t. We recommend you browse through these dog-friendly venues.


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