Lisbon being one of the world’s top digital nomad destinations means there is plenty of choices when it comes to finding free wifi and laptop-friendly workspaces to get your work done.

For those who fancy a more office-style vibe and some phonebooths for privacy, the Othership team came up with these amazing spaces to get your productivity going.

Here are our top five comfortable and free options:

  1. Selina Secret Garden & Cowork
  2. Moxy Lisbon City
  3. Library de São Lázaro
  4. Dear Breakfast
  5. Four Seasons Hotel Ritz

1. Selina Secret Garden & Cowork

Looking for a great workspace in Lisbon, Portugal? Selina Secret Garden located near the city centre is the perfect option.

The hotel has everything you need, from coworking spaces, a lounge area with free Wi-Fi to yoga lessons. The prime location of Selina’s Lisbon hotel puts you at a walkable distance from a variety of historic attractions and popular restaurants, bars, cafes and markets. Meet a warm community of like-minded professionals and travellers all year round at Selina’s lounge.

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2. Moxy Lisbon City

For those that prefer a quirky background, the lobby area of Moxy Lisbon City is a perfect choice. The centrally located modern hotel offers its spacious lobby, “Plug and Meet” areas with free wifi and ergonomic seating perfect for working. 

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3. Library de Sao Lazaro

Library de São Lázaro is the oldest municipal library building in Lisbon, which provides a neat and extremely quiet atmosphere to focus on work. A beautiful place looks like out of one of the Harry Potter movies, be careful not to be carried away from work! The surroundings are truly amazing!

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4. Dear Breakfast

A hidden gem, located in a cute and quiet Gaivotas street that looks off the beaten track. Dear Breakfast has plenty of outlets, fast wifi, tasty coffee and not to mention, good breakfast served! Great ambience will make sure you get productive during your workday!

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5. Four Seasons Hotel Ritz

For those that prefer a bussing background, the hotel lobby area is the perfect choice. Four Seasons Hotel Ritz located in the heart of Lisbon wears the cultural heart and soul of Portugal on its sleeve and offers its spacious lobby as the perfect workspace. Filled with natural light lobby will make your day brighter and filled with joy.

In conclusion, there are plenty of free workspaces available in Lisbon. From public libraries to co-working spaces, there are plenty of options for those who are looking to work for free. These spaces offer comfortable seating, free Wi-Fi, and other amenities, making them ideal for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other professionals who need a place to work.

So what next? 

If you’re new to flexible working scene or just looking for something a little more special than the average commercial chain offering coworking then head over to Othership to see our range of free & unique workspaces.

We have over tonnes of spaces with many totally free to book, and if you become a premium member you can then save up to 50% off or grab a free coffee across our curated network of partner venues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these workspaces in Lisbon really free?
Yes, you can use these workspaces for free! There is no charge for the use of a table in these venues to work from. Some of them even include a free coffee for Othership members

Do I have to pay for the Wi-Fi?
There is no extra charge for Wi-Fi in the free workspaces we recommend.

Is there a stable Wi-Fi connection in free workspaces?
The workspaces that you can book via Othership have all been tested and verified. A good Wi-Fi connection and power plugs are our main criteria when selecting spaces.

Aren’t free workspace very noisy?
We select the venues we recommend carefully. They’re never as quiet as a library, but the noise level allows for a good work environment.

Can I bring my dog to free workspaces in Lisbon?
There are spaces that allow dogs and some that don’t. We recommend you browse through these dog-friendly venues!

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