ArMexico City ranks highly when it comes to the world’s most popular digital nomad destinations, but where are the best free workspaces? While perhaps more popular for North Americans due to proximity, Mexico City also attracts Europeans and nomads from other continents looking for a lower cost of living, warm weather, a vibrant authentic culture and a thriving expat/nomad community to plug into. Mexico City has it all!

The Roma and La Condesa areas are by far the most popular areas for digital nomads and expats and this is where our recommendations for the best laptop-friendly work cafes and hotels are focused.

Once you are in Mexico City you’ll no doubt be on the hunt for nice cafes to remote work from offering free WiFi, delicious food, drinks and the all-important coffee!

Here are the top 5 free workspaces:

  1. Blend Station Condesa
  2. Boicot Cafe
  3. Four Seasons
  4. Cafe Curado
  5. Cafebreria el Pendulo


1. Blend Station, Condesa

If you are looking for great service, fair prices and space to open your laptop and get your work done in Mexico City – Blend Station Condesa is the spot! There are outlets everywhere and a huge table in the back and also smaller tables around the outside of the room.

It can get a bit noisy with the music at times so keep that in mind in case you need somewhere quiet to focus. On the other hand, if you are looking for good vibes and energy while co-working, this could be a great cafe for you.

Blend Station is a free workspace in Mexico City
Blend Station’s dedicated coworking area

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2. Boicot Café

Boicot Cafe is a comfy, colourful and spacious laptop-friendly cafe offering excellent cold brews and an extensive coffee menu. They have good wifi and you can bring your laptop and work from here as well. It offers cute seating options and friendly staff. Great ambience and a co-work vibe is guaranteed!

Boicot Cafe is a spacious laptop friendly cafe
Boicot Cafe is great for coworking

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3. Four Seasons

The Four Seasons is a decadent hotel in the heart of Mexico. Often frequented by business travellers and local laptop workers alike, there are inviting areas to meet and pull out your laptop for a days work.

The Four Seasons has a bar, cafe area and outdoor pool making it not only a great place to work from, but also to socialise and hang out once you’re done.

Lastly, make sure if the sun is out, that you grab a coffee from the main quad. While there aren;t many plugs outside, it is worth capturing the essence of the building at least once.

The Four Seasons Hotel in Mexico City
The Four Seasons Hotel

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4. Café Curado

Cafe Curado is a bit of a hidden gem and a great work cafe. The indoor seating is comfortable for getting work done and there is also a nice outdoor area to chill. Expect really good coffee, plenty of options and a nice menu if hunger strikes. There are a couple of larger tables to co-work with others which is nice and a chance to meet other remote workers and strike up a conversation.

Cafe Curado in Mexico is a free workspace
Cafe Curado is a great work cafe in Mexico

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5. Cafebreria El Pendulo

Cafebreria El Pendulo is a two-level corner building that has a selection of books, and plenty of seating places to work, chat or enjoy a cup of coffee. The open layout assures plenty of natural light, there are also small gifts to purchase, which are unique. You can go up to the second floor and enjoy your coffee on their beautiful patio. The only drawback of this free workspace is that there aren’t that many plugs and it’s loud on the weekends with more people eating. Other than that, this place is so multi-purpose and inspirational!

Cafebreria El Pendulo in Mexico city has plenty of seating places to work
Cafebreria El Pendulo in Mexico is the place for remote work

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That concludes our list of the best five free workspaces in Mexico. As a freelancer, entrepreneur, or remote worker, these spaces offer a comfortable, bright and productive environment to get your work done. Be sure to check them out and take advantage of their free amenities and services!


What about a dedicated coworking space?

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Bonus. Art/Works

Art/Works brings inspiration and innovation to artists and remote workers by providing a space for collaboration and opportunities to connect with other creatives in the community.

Even better is that Art/Works is conveniently located in the Roma Norte neighbourhood close to many affordable food options, bike share stops, and the subway.

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So what next? 

If you’re new to Mexico’s coworking scene or just looking for something a little more special than the average commercial chain offering coworking then head over to Othership to see our range of free & unique workspaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these workspaces in Mexico really free?
Yes, you can use these workspaces for free! There is no charge for the use of a table in these venues to work from. Some of them even include a free coffee for Othership members

Do I have to pay for the Wi-Fi?
There is no extra charge for Wi-Fi in the free workspaces we recommend.

Is there a stable Wi-Fi connection in free workspaces?
Othership’s bookable workspaces have all been tested and verified. A good Wi-Fi connection and power plugs are our main criteria when selecting spaces.

Aren’t free workspace very noisy?
We select the venues we recommend carefully. They’re never as quiet as a library, but the noise level allows for a good work environment.

Can I bring my dog to free workspaces in Mexico?
There are spaces that allow dogs and some that don’t. We recommend you browse through these dog-friendly venues!

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