Hunting for an ideal coffee shop in New Jersey? Coffee shops and cafes with free Wi-Fi are plentiful throughout “The Garden State”. Popular chains and local coffee shops offer a relaxed atmosphere for work. Some even have dedicated workspaces.

Check out our list of 5 top cafes where you can open up your computer and get and get some work done, including their popular features:

  1. Snapdragon Coffee & Social
  2. Eagle Rock Cafe
  3. Canard Cafe Bar
  4. Ko Cafe
  5. Paper Plane Coffee Co


1. Snapdragon Coffee & Social

Snapdragon Coffee & Social is a welcoming and warm space with a homey interior and lots of seating. Perfect place for a morning coffee, sitting back and sipping with a book or browsing your laptop.

Two spacious floors, free Wi-Fi, a back patio, dozens of adorable seating arrangements, cool looking art works and furniture and board games make it a must-try venue. The area upstairs is beautifully designed and works great as a co-working space. The food here is also very good, it’s highly recommended to grab one of their delicious toast or Vietnamese coffee!

Snapdragon Coffee & Social is a popular free workspace in New Jersey
Snapdragon Coffee & Social is a must-go cafe

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2. Eagle Rock Cafe

Eagle Rock Cafe located a few blocks from the Upper Montclair Train Station has a nice and inspiring atmosphere to get some work done. The beautifully decorated cafe attracts remote creators with its sunlit interior, high ceilings, and free WiFi.

Workers can finish their projects while sipping what the spot claims is “the best coffee in Montclair,” tea, or hot cocoa, and nibbling on a Balthazar signature pastry. It’s open seven days a week from 7:30 AM to 6:30 PM and has a dedicated coworking area.

Eagle Rock Cafe in Montclair, New Jersey is a go-to cafe for working
Eagle Rock Cafe in Montclair serves as a cozy workspace in New Jersey

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3. Canard Cafe Bar

Canard Cafe Bar situated in the lobby of the Urby tower is built for you to do your work! Working desks, outlets, lighting and speedy Wi-Fi are all available throughout the space. The large seating area surrounding the baristas gives the impression of a reading room, library, or co-working space.

Tasteful decor, speedy Wi-Fi, good coffee and plenty of space to get comfortable and productive make them stand out in Jersey City! In addition to that, the cafe is open from early to late.

Canard Cafe Bar in Jersey City is great for working on your laptop
Canard Cafe Bar is a spot for remote workers

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4. Ko Cafe

Ko Cafe located in the center of Jersey City is your favourite coffee shop and events venue highly recommended as a great spot if you want to squeeze a little laptop work in and enjoy an amazing design!

The nice atmosphere, spacious working space, relaxing & inviting set-up will make sure for a productive day. Friendly & welcoming staff, the community feel make Ko Cafe a go-to coffee shop in the area. 

Ko Cafe in New Jersey offers a relaxing work atmosphere
Ko Cafe in New Jersey is a welcoming free workspace

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5. Paper Plane Coffee Co

Paper Plane Coffee Co is an extremely inviting space that makes you want to come back. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is great, inside it actually looks like you’re sitting in an aeroplane aisle. The aircraft window seats are so cute.

The “onboarding” the plane experience is so unique, that you literally can take an in-flight seat, have a fake window seat and enjoy the flight. The attention to detail in both the coffee and the aesthetics of the shop is impressive. Make sure to be the first one standing next to the doors once they open, as this unique cafe is extremely popular among good coffee lovers. This great speciality coffee shop is definitely a place where one can have an indelible experience and get some work done.

Paper Plane Coffee in New Jersey is a unique workspace
Paper Place Coffee offers such a unique work experience in New Jersey

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So what next? 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these workspaces in New Jersey really free?
Yes, you can use these workspaces for free! There is no charge for the use of a table in these venues to work from. Some of them even include a free coffee for Othership members.

Do I have to pay for the Wi-Fi?
There is no extra charge for Wi-Fi in the free workspaces we recommend.

Is there a stable Wi-Fi connection in free workspaces?
Othership’s bookable workspaces have all been tested and verified. A good Wi-Fi connection and power plugs are our main criteria when selecting spaces.

Aren’t free workspace very noisy?
We select the venues we recommend carefully. They’re never as quiet as a library, but the noise level allows for a good work environment.

Can I bring my dog to free workspaces in New Jersey?
There are spaces that allow dogs and some that don’t. We recommend you browse through these!

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