Working remotely has become increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s no surprise that there are many free workspaces available for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers in Toronto. Are you a freelancer or a remote worker looking for a great free workspace in the most livable city in the world? Here are the top five options:

Here are the top 5 free workspaces:

  1. Pamenar Toronto
  2. Goldstruck Coffee
  3. Shangri – La Toronto
  4. Four Seasons Toronto Hotel
  5. Sheraton Centre Hotel Toronto

1. Pamenar Toronto

A true hidden gem in the heart of Kesington Market, Cafe Pamenar is a coffee shop, bar, and local hangout with a lush back patio tucked away from the busy city. The space is long and narrow and there is plenty of seating both indoors and outdoors, the wifi and outlet access is good to boot. Laptop workers are allowed to occupy the back patio and enjoy their workday with lattes and bakery to die for! Bear in mind, that you will be asked to close your laptop before 7 PM and enjoy a social atmosphere.

Cafe Pamenar in Kensington Market is a free workspace in Toronto

2. Goldstruck Coffee

If you live for that rustic, aesthetically pleasing, almost homey vibes, then you’ll want to check out Goldstruck Coffee. This Yorkville gem is a perfect spot for those looking to dive into work and turn off all distractions. Tranquil and cozy; what more could the laptop worker ask for? Oh, a high-quality coffee and extremely friendly staff, of course!

Goldstruck Coffee is a cozy workspace in Toronto


3. Shangri – La Toronto

Set in the financial district, it won’t be hard to find your type at the Shangri-La’s dimly lit 90-seat Lobby Lounge. There’s no need to feel outside your comfort zone in this urban living room – where you’ll be surrounded by two storey windows, large paintings, sculptures, and a grand piano set. Get your work done on the lush leather sofas and chairs and enjoy an extremely light and airy workspace. The best part? The lobby’s evening entertainment – just to make your night a little more romantic.

Shangri-La Toronto is a cozy free workspace


4. Four Seasons Hotel Toronto

Four Season Hotel Toronto hosts a contemporary lobby and bar, which are the places to see and be seen. In the surprisingly welcoming space, you will be able to see a variety of people: from young entrepreneurs to fashionable go-getters. Get to know another friendly coworker over shared laughter while sipping on a cup of coffee.

Four Seasons Hotel is a spacious free workspace in Toronto


5. Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel

Impeccably located in the financial district Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel offers a sense of belonging the moment you enter. This space regularly welcomes for both business and leisure travellers to relax. Sweeping views of downtown Toronto, an extremely bright lobby and free Wi-Fi will keep you fueled and connected throughout your work day. There’s ample seating and a bustling atmosphere that allows you to blend in with the crowd easily. The open space lobby is available 24 hours to work from.

Sheraton Centre Hotel in Toronto is a bright workspace for a day


That concludes our list of the best five free workspaces in Toronto. Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or remote worker, these spaces offer a comfortable, bright and productive environment to get your work done. Be sure to check them out and take advantage of their free amenities and services!

So what next? 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these workspaces in Toronto really free?
Yes, you can use these workspaces for free! There is no charge for the use of a table in these venues to work from. Some of them even include a free coffee for Othership members

Do I have to pay for the Wi-Fi?
There is no extra charge for Wi-Fi in the free workspaces we recommend.

Is there a stable Wi-Fi connection in free workspaces?
The workspaces that you can book via Othership have all been tested and verified. A good Wi-Fi connection and power plugs are our main criteria when selecting spaces.

Aren’t free workspace very noisy?
We select the venues we recommend carefully. They’re never as quiet as a library, but the noise level allows for a good work environment.

Can I bring my dog to free workspaces in London?
There are spaces that allow dogs and some that don’t. We recommend you browse through these dog-friendly venues!

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