At Othership, we completed a study that showed 90% of respondents wanted to remote work. Whilst this may not come as a surprise – what may was the fact that 62% were already working remotely at least once a week. We believe this trend is not only beneficial for the environment but can bring more business to the high street.

    • 90% of respondents were keen to remote work.
    • 62% of respondents work remotely at least once a week.
    • Over 45% of the UK working remote 2.5 days a week (Regus, 2017).
    • Only 156 co-working spaces in London in 2017 (LSE, 2017).
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Our findings are supported by studies from Regus and LSE, which show that this is a not a UK phenomenon. In fact a global trend. Regus reported that in the UK 45% of people were working remotely up to 2.5 days per week. In technology-driven countries such as China this increases to more than 65% of people.

Husk Coffee and Creative Space for remote work
Husk Coffee & Creative Space – remote work. coworking space in Limehouse

With Greater London having a population of over 8.7 million people and only 150 plus co-working spaces, it seems there is an opportunity for the hospitality sector, and in particular, the UK’s local high streets and small businesses. A number of cafes, hotels, restaurants and coworking spaces have already jumped on the trend. New Road Hotel now acts as a hotdesking environment during the day. Another example is Smiths of Smithfields, who provide free access, power and WiFi, plus an open bar with light food and hot drinks.

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