Meetings are an essential part of any organisation, and booking the right meeting room is crucial to ensure that they run smoothly. With so many options available, it can be challenging to choose the best meeting room booking software for your business.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of the top meeting room booking systems available in 2023. Our list includes products that offer simple tools for reserving conference rooms and other spaces or resources within an office or shared workplace.

These platforms ensure that organizers and attendees have the necessary accommodations for important meetings, while office managers maintain an accurate, up-to-date view of how company resources are being utilized. Read on to find out which meeting room booking software is right for you!

Meeting Room Booking
Meeting Room Booking Software from Othership.


Othership is a workspace management platform that provides a range of solutions for flexible working. One of these solutions is a meeting room booking app, which allows users to book and invite others to meeting rooms from their phone, calendar, browser, or entry tablet.

The software also provides reports that can be quickly read, downloaded, and integrated to review meeting room layouts and amenity needs. Othership’s meeting room booking software can be integrated with existing solutions in just one click. The software also includes in-built automations and roles to help set up policies to best practice.

If you need something custom, Othership’s success team can build tailored solutions based on your needs. The software can manage spaces, meeting rooms, communal and event spaces, desks, visitors, and any hybrid need all in one place. Othership also offers other solutions such as workplace scheduler, on-demand workspaces, fixed workspaces, desk booking software, and visitor management software.

Features: Meeting room booking, desk booking, multi-location management, remote scheduling, visitor management, team collaborations, calendar integrations

Pricing: Free to £4 per month per team member

Pros Cons
☑️ Easy to use platform and high end-user adoption. ❌ You generally need to speak to an expert to understand the right packages for you.
☑️ Manage a hybrid policy with data from in and out the office. ❌ Limited availability for additional languages.
☑️ Additional Othership solutions are available to buy extra or sell empty space.

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Envoy software screenshot


Envoy Rooms is a smart conference room scheduling software that helps you find and book the right room for the task at hand. It frees up unused space and makes it easy to find the right room. You can use green, yellow, and red indicators outside of each room to easily find an available meeting space or use the Envoy mobile app to search and find the closest available room.

You can book a room using Envoy Mobile, Google Calendar, Office 365, or the display by the door. With check-in reminders and nudges to book smaller rooms, you can ensure everyone can find and book the rooms they need onsite. You can turn analytics about room usage and scheduling into insights that help you make smart decisions about space management, workplace design, and costs

Where Envoy often falls down is its maps. Users, including us, find them cumbersome to use and nowhere nearly as sleek as the newer solutions in the market. So if you ar looking for something people won’t winge about over the water cooler this might not be the one for you.

Features: Meeting room booking, desk booking, multi-location management, visitor management, deliveries

Pricing: Basic plan for $3 per user per month, Premium plan for $5 per user per month,

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Matrix Booking

Matrix Booking

Matrix Booking provides functionality for desk booking, meeting room booking, visitor management, and flow management. The software is mobile-first and supports all major browsers and mobile formats. It also offers interactive maps, desk occupancy status, and easy QR code check-in to Zoom device-enabled desks.

While Matrix Booking’s meeting room booking feature is regularly updated and eliminates the need for manual scheduling, the software’s interface may take some time to get used to. The software’s user interface is not as intuitive as some of its competitors, which can be frustrating for users who are new to the software.  Additionally, some users have reported issues with the software’s customer support team, which can be slow to respond to inquiries.

Features: Meeting room booking, desk booking, multi-location management, visitor management, deliveries

Pricing: Pricing starts from £5 per resource per month.

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Condeco screenshot


Our experience testing Condeco’s meeting room booking software revealed some notable drawbacks. While the interface is generally user-friendly, it may lack the depth of customization required for some organisations. This limitation can be particularly frustrating when trying to tailor the software to meet unique workplace management needs.

Another significant concern is the high cost associated with Condeco. This premium solution might be prohibitive for many smaller businesses or organisations with budget constraints, potentially limiting its accessibility to a broader user base.

Condeco can provide some valuable insights into space utilisation, helping make informed decisions about your office resources. They also have a mobile app, as do many other providers now but proves a valuable asset, allowing users to book rooms on the go. Something which is increasingly essential in today’s flexible work environment.

it is worth noting we found reviews reporting some compatibility issues with existing systems and hardware which can pose a challenge for users seeking a seamless integration with their current technology stack. In conclusion, while Condeco offers valuable features, the high cost, limited customization, inconsistent support, and compatibility issues are important considerations when evaluating its suitability for your organization.

Features: Meeting room booking, desk booking, multi-location management, visitor management

Pricing: $45 per user per year for companies of up to 1000 employees, $35 per user per year for companies with more than 1000 employees

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Skedda product screenshot


Skedda is a user-friendly and cost-effective meeting room and space booking software, making it an attractive option for smaller businesses, nonprofits, and educational institutions. Its straightforward interface is easy to navigate, encouraging quick adoption, and it offers flexibility in setting up booking rules and permissions to align with various organizational needs. Moreover, its transparent pricing structure can be budget-friendly, particularly for organizations with limited resources.

However, Skedda may not be the best fit for larger enterprises or those with complex space management requirements, as it lacks some advanced features and comprehensive reporting and analytics. While it provides core booking and scheduling functionality, organizations seeking in-depth data analysis might find it somewhat limited. Customer support experiences have also been mixed, with some users reporting less responsive assistance. To make an informed decision, it’s advisable to assess the latest features and user feedback, particularly if your organisation has intricate space management needs or plans for scalability.

Features: Meeting room booking, desk booking, visitor management, payments

Pricing: $49 per meeting room per month for small businesses, $150 per meeting room per month for larger businesses

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Zoom Workspace Management

Zoom Workspace Reservation

Zoom Workspace is the Zoom offering for Zoom Rooms users. Workspace Reservation provides easy QR code check-in to Zoom device-enabled desks, interactive maps, and desk occupancy status. Additionally, Zoom Phone Appliances (ZPA) support the Zoom Workspace Reservation user flow. When creating a workspace reservation for a Zoom Room that includes a new Zoom meeting, a meeting passcode will be automatically generated. You can also edit the meeting passcode.

Users can reserve ZPAs or Zoom Rooms through the reservation system. ZPA displays status indicators if the device is reserved or available. Workspace Reservation allows users to view floor maps, see where their coworkers are sitting and reserve available desks. Workspace Reservation expands on Zoom’s already robust hybrid work offerings and helps employees have access to the tools they need to do their best work on a given day. The latest resource will enable workers to pre-book office workspaces, know who else is coming, and get recommendations about where to sit.

Where does Zoom fall down, well it can be kind of pricey. At £399.00 a month for each meeting room you add, this is probably the priciest solution on the market and it isn’t exactly feature-rich outside of Zoom integrations. If you already use Zoom Rooms this may be one you want to contemplate, but if you you Google Meets or Outlook / Microsoft Teams as an enterprise, don’t even think about it.

Features: location management with space booking, event management, communities, organizational charts, interest maps

Pricing: £399.00 per room per month.

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Kadence software screenshot


Kadence, the hybrid workplace management software, has a user-friendly way to manage meeting room bookings. The user-friendly space management capabilities, which became increasingly crucial during the pandemic, ut may not be so relevant now. The system streamlined contact tracing and interaction tracking, simplifying an otherwise complex process.

Kadence shines alongside Othership as a hybrid workplace management solution that also simplifies space management and offers excellent user accessibility. Its recognition as a high performer in the industry underscores its effectiveness. However, some refinements, such as improved labelling for desk bookings, may enhance its utility further. The suitability of Kadence for larger organizations should also be evaluated based on specific requirements and budget considerations.

Features: Meeting room booking, desk booking, scheduling

Pricing: $4 per active user per month, billed annually

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Eden workplace software


Employee experience is at the core of Eden, which is an integrated platform combining all HR, IT, and workplace experience needs. As such, the meeting booking software integrates well with tools like Microsoft Teams, Slack and G-Suite allowing you to automate processes. As well as room scheduling, Eden is a solution for desk booking and visitor management and includes a modern ticketing system.

Features: Engagement surveys, internal ticketing, performance management, deliveries, visitor management, desk booking

Pricing: desk booking plans start at $2.25 per desk per month, visitor management and room scheduling are free up to a certain company size, further plans are available for ticketing and surveys

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Deskbird screenshot


Deskbird is an office management software built around users instead of buildings. In a few clicks, employees can book a meeting room, space or desk. You can easily search for the best room for your needs based on availability, type, date, and time.

The analytics within Deskbird provide insights into desk usage, space utilisation and which days are the most popular. It is available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Ukrainian.

Features: Floor plans, desk booking, integrations with communication platforms and calendars, weekly planning

Pricing: Starts at €3.80 per user per month

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WeWork Workplace

WeWork Workplace

The well-known coworking space provider WeWork has also ventured out into the world of office management. Its solution WeWork Workplace has been developed to allow you to manage who is working from your office or any WeWork space. This makes WeWork Workplace and Othership two of the only solutions in the world able to book a meeting room in and out of the office. The only problem we found with the WeWork offer was it has to be in a WeWork, handy until you find you aren’t near one.

Features: meeting room booking, desk booking, remote working

Pricing: Depends on company size

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Cobot software screenshot


Cobot is a coworking space management solution to organize workspace resources, automate billing, grow a community and meeting scheduling. It is whitelabel coworking software to facilitate the administration of coworking spaces and office hubs. It combines desk booking with financial solutions and analytics and is available in English, French, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. Nexudus integrates with a wide range of business software,

Features: Invoicing, billing and payments, bookings and calendars, multi-location management, access control, event planning

Pricing: starts at €59 per month

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Nexudus software screenshot


Nexudus is a white-label platform for flexible working and coworking spaces. Most space management tasks can be automated in one single platform: billing, accounting, community management, event ticketing and secure access management. This desk booking software is available in English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Nexudus integrates with a wide range of business software from Wi-Fi solutions to accounting software.

Features: meeting room booking, desk booking. event planning, digital signage, visitor management, community management, billing and payments

Pricing: £125 per month per location

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