I’ve just secured my dream job at Great Influence.

There was one key thing missing from my interview process… The interview 😅

Even reading the word interview sends shivers down my spine.

Your palms are sweaty. You’re sitting in an awkward-fitting suit and can’t get comfortable. Your mouth is dry. You’re in a formal boardroom, across from two complete strangers. And you get asked to “Give me an example of a time you’ve shown that you can work well in a team.” REALLY?!

We’ve all been there. It’s not fun.

So when I learned there was no interview required to get my DREAM job? What a bonus.

Here’s how the *hiring process* went (and how I feel every other one should from now on):

Step One: The Informal Chat

Ash, the company’s founder, and I had a quick, informal chat to get to know one another. We met up on Zoom (the joys of COVID times), and talked about stuff that both of us were currently working on, our interests, our goals and more general chit-chat. I left feeling that I knew Ash as a person, and was excited to learn more about working at Great Influence!

Step Two: Meet the Team

After this, Ash set up conversations between me and the rest of the team. In his words, he could go on and on about how amazing it was to work at Great Influence but was biased. So he wanted me to speak to other members of the team and get the inside gossip. I loved having the chance to get a real feel for what life is like at GI, and get to know the people I’d potentially be spending a lot of time with!

Step Three: The Slightly More Formal Chat

Ash and I had a second, slightly more formal chat where we discussed the job role and package, logistics of my employment and worked through any questions either of us had. (Confession: I tried to play it cool, but was GRINNING from ear-to-ear and OVER THE MOON to get the offer.)

Ellie Middleton at Great Influence

Step Four: The Meet Up

A couple of weeks later, team Great Influence were all going out together to celebrate Tom’s graduation. I was invited along to meet everyone in a relaxed environment and had SO MUCH fun. I knew, there and then, that I’d made a great decision. I knew I’d found my HOME 💜

Key takeaway? It was very much a two-way process.

It wasn’t Ash asking me why I was deserving of his role – it was the two of us working together to ensure that we were the right fit for one another.

I got as much chance to interview Ash and the team as they got to interview me.

Employers: scrap the 12-part assessments and interview plan.

Welcome to the *hiring process* �

The article was written by Ellie Middleton.

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