Employee productivity is paramount for the success of any organization, and HR managers, Facilities Directors, and Operations Directors play a critical role in fostering an environment conducive to efficient and effective work, especially against the backdrop of a hybrid workplace. Let’s explore some tried and tested methodologies to ramp up productivity in your organization.

Embrace a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Creating a company culture that values credibility, integrity, efficiency, and leadership is essential for productivity. As HR professionals, embedding these values into the DNA of your organization can lead to more engaged and motivated employees.

Design Conducive Work Environments

The physical workspace can significantly impact productivity. Designing an office that is not only functional but also comfortable and welcoming, can boost morale and efficiency. For hybrid workplaces, Othership provides a solution with on-demand workspaces, including select cafes, hotels, and coworking spaces that can be booked when necessary, adding versatility to the traditional office set-up.

Offer Incentives and Recognitions

Employee recognition and incentives are powerful motivators. Tailor your reward system to be meaningful and align with individual and team achievements. Remember, a little recognition goes a long way in enhancing productivity.

Provide the Right Tools and Workstations

Facilitate a productive work environment by equipping your employees with ergonomic workstations and the necessary tools to perform their tasks efficiently. This investment in the right hardware and software will pay dividends in productivity gains.

Foster Professional Growth through Learning Opportunities

Continuous learning should be integral to employee development. Offering training and upskilling opportunities can spark creativity, innovation, and a more skilled workforce ready to tackle complex problems.

Encourage Open Communication and Feedback

Open lines of communication between management and staff help address any concerns swiftly. Regularly soliciting and acting upon employee feedback demonstrates that you value their input, which can contribute positively to their overall productivity.

Measure Productivity Smartly

Tracking how long tasks take and the effort spent is only part of the productivity equation. Set clear objectives, benchmarks, and targets to provide your team with a roadmap to success and a sense of accomplishment as these goals are met.

Redefine Productivity

Productivity isn’t just about the volume of work done—it’s about the quality too. Encourage your team to focus on producing work that adds value rather than simply ticking off tasks.

Leverage Technology

Technology can be an excellent ally in boosting productivity. Explore various software that can streamline processes, facilitate communication, and organize workflows effectively.

Foster Teamwork and Collaboration

Promote a team-oriented environment where collaboration is the norm. Hybrid work environments can benefit from Othership’s hybrid Workspace Scheduler, which helps team members coordinate and connect easily in one accessible place.


Productivity in the workplace is a multifaceted issue that necessitates a robust approach, combining efforts in culture-building, employee engagement, the right tools, continuous learning, and communication. As HR and Operations leaders managing hybrid workforces, your role in harnessing these strategies will be pivotal to reaching your organization’s goals.

Embrace the potential of a flexible workspace with Othership’s innovative solutions, designed to keep your team connected and productive, wherever they may be. Discover the flexibility and efficiency that Othership’s hybrid solutions can bring to your operations and your workforce today.

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