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Kieran created Kotini after experiencing first-hand how shocking the home buying process is… it took him and his partner over a year to get their home purchase over the line… the stress was unreal. Before Kotini, Kieran spent 11 years creating, launching, and managing financial products like credit cards, mortgages, and most recently, investments, where he was responsible for looking after £15bn of UK investors’ money. When he’s not helping to make people’s homebuying journey easier, you’ll find him trying to renovate his house or watching basketball (Miami Heat mostly) into the early hours of the morning.

About Kotini

Navigating the homebuying process is incredibly difficult, and frankly, it sucks. Why? It takes three months or longer; you’re never told what should be happening and when, and most come into it completely unprepared. It’s such a flawed process that 45% of homebuyers say they never want to go through it again. Kotini is a software company on a mission to make homebuying simpler.

Their first product is a homebuying support service where they provide homebuyers with tips, tools, and personalised help. They guide homebuyers through the whole process, teaching them what they need to know each step of the way, and providing them with access to all the homebuying services they’ll need. All in one place, from deposit building to home moving and with amazing discounts and deals. They’re supported by InnovateUK and NatWest and want to empower homebuyers all over the country.

They’re still in the early days as a business but their homebuying guidance has already helped over 250 people. If you’re considering buying a home soon, get in touch. You can book an introduction call at

Kieran’s favourite workspace: nHow London

“I became a member of the Othership community well before it was Othership (shout out to the WeCoffee OG’s). I can’t remember where or how I came across it, but my first memory is meeting Ben and a few others at the weekly co-work and brunch. I loved the idea of being able to work remotely and still work with others.”

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