Alex is someone who is always up for trying new experiences. You’ll find him taking part in startup events in his spare time unless he’s at the beaches in Cornwall during the summer months doing his own version of surfing. Alex also previously started a fashion subscription service and has a passion for improving people’s relationship with their clothing in a sustainable way.

About Nexo Studio

At Nexo Studio they believe great ideas shouldn’t go to waste on the back of a beer mat. They are a lean marketing studio working with select startups to help you learn from paid ads so you can grow faster. They’re confident in their approach, having lived through the start up experience themselves. The culture is subsequently woven into the fabric of our studio and they’re dedicated to getting the tangible results they know you’re searching for. Nexo Studio are proud of the campaigns they create that drive stellar metrics and are selective in who they work with to ensure they can give your business the attention an early stage company needs.

This flexible “on-demand” approach treds a different path to one traditional agencies take, having their own share of experience in not feeling like the value scales are tipped in their favour. Nexo Studio retains the breadth of competency you would expect from an agency, meaning you can expertly test all the appropriate channels without being tied into the large commitments and setup times you would with in-house staff or minimum length agency contracts.

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Alex’s favourite workspace: nHow

“I got introduced through another Othership member, Amy Chao. I have since connected with more Othership members both on Slack and have attended Othership events such as Co-work and Brunch.”

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