Amandine is a life coach for millennials who feel stuck and unhappy. She is here to give them the tools and the support they need to have the vibrant and joyful life they deserve! She has spent the past 8 years researching about personal growth and learning everything she could to be able to build a life that truly corresponds to me. Amandine now takes all this experience and knowledge and use it to help her clients their dream life. She doesn’t offer miracle solutions, but actual tools, support and care to create lasting change.

Amandine has been that lost millennial, the “gifted” child who doesn’t reach its potential. She has a master’s degree in management and ended up in job she just hated. Amandine couldn’t “find her way”, and last year she was diagnosed as neurodivergent. It was such a powerful moment because it explained a lot about why she felt like she didn’t fit in for years. It took her a while, but she know nows that it is her superpower. On a funnier note, Amandine is a total nerd! Disney, Marvel, DC, Star Wars, The Lord of the rings, Harry Potter, etc. etc. etc. She is also an absolute bookworm, and you will very often find her at The British Library. Amandine says that a warm cup of tea and a good book put her at her upmost happiness.

Amandine’s favourite workspace: The Betjeman Arm

“I have discovered Othership thanks to Vik and Tony who convinced me to come to my first co-work and brunch Wednesday. Since the first time I came I have met a lot of lovely people. Emma Chow and I met at the Othership brunch a few months ago and have now collaborated on an exciting project!”

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