This is Andrew, who is married with 2 young children, Sienna and Harrison. He recently moved back to the UK after living in Australia for just over a decade. He has always been passionate about entrepreneurship and the startup ecosystem. When Andrew is not working, he is always busy and short on time; running, swimming, golfing or out with family and friends. He loves to read and has more recently had a go at writing some of his own content. Andrew is currently working through the Rolling Stone magazines top 50 rock albums of all time – it encourages him to read stuff that he would never have previously moved towards. He decided to start skateboarding, which his wife told him not long after that she feared this was the start of a mid-life crisis!

About MYLO Create

Andrew launched MYLO Create back in May 2020 with a mission to help startups scale their business as they grow. Focusing on People and Culture initiatives, he partners with founders to help them make their companies a great place to work.

Prior to starting his own business, Andrew worked for many years with several fast growth startups in both Australia and the UK, including AirTasker and Koala and more recently with fast growth video gaming studios, so had seen first hand the challenges of both attracting and retaining great talent.

Andrew’s worked directly with Founders to help them better understand their company Values, make their first hires, build teams and define how they want their people to feel about where they work. MYLO builds tool kits and playbooks that help Founders to give their people a great employee experience and improve collaboration across both remote and in office teams.

Andrew says, “On a personal note, it’s super rewarding to coach Founders and play an integral role in helping them to grow their businesses progressively and sustainably – people spend a lot of time at work yet many of them feel disengaged and demotivated! We’re on a mission to help change that!”

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Andrew’s favourite workspace: Hart Shoreditch and Homework Fulham

“I went along to my first Othership Co-work & Brunch in January, I was invited over email and have been to their monthly sessions ever since. I love meeting new people that share a passion for startups and entrepreneurship. Othership make an unreal effort to bring people together, super informally and in-person for some targeted collaboration and introductions to each other. They have an active Slack group where it’s really easy to meet and collaborate with new and existing members. We meet in-person on the first Wednesday of every month – get involved!”

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