One of the benefits of working for yourself is realising that you can work anywhere in the world. Last winter Jamie spent a month in Argentina and avoided most of the UK’s freezing cold weather. He recommends it if you can! You can find Jamie in and around East London. He plays a lot of sport – volleyball, tennis, squash, table tennis, to name a few – hit him up if you ever want a casual game!

About Metro Retro

Jamie is one of the founders of Metro Retro – it’s a real-time collaborative whiteboard that helps you run fun and engaging online meetings. Metro Retro is designed for teams in the software industry, but you can also run any kind of remote workshop in it – whether it’s for planning, strategy, feedback, or ideation.

A customer recently dubbed Metro Retro “the state-of-the-art tool for agile retrospectives”. It can be hard to make personal connections working with colleagues remotely, so this is where Metro Retro’s light-hearted features come alive – like firing a confetti cannon across a colleague’s screen if they’re taking too long, or virtually slapping them if you think they’re not paying attention.

Metro Retro has three founders, all based in London, and as you can hopefully tell, they’re trying to transform online meetings from an awkward and dull experience to energising and human, with an (appropriate) dose of humour. Over 850,000 people have signed up to Metro Retro so far without any advertising spend – word of mouth has been amazing for them!

Metro Retro has a pretty generous free plan, with paid plans for unlimited use and facilitator tools to help you run effective remote meetings!

For 20% off any plan at Metro Retro, enter the code ‘Othership’ at the checkout here –

Jamie’s favourite workspace: Hart Shoreditch

“I joined a Co-work and Brunch event, met some lovely people and decided to stick around!”

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