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Lucy’s absolute passion lies in art and design. She only moved to London last year and one of her favourite things to do is visiting museums and walking around country houses. Recently, she’s visited Kenwood House in Hampstead and Eltham Palace (south-east). Lucy really enjoys wandering around the historic parts of the city too. She loves to travel and has lived in several countries over the years. Lucy studied Art History as an undergrad at university, and in her second year, done a 3 month work placement in Malaysia to work for the Georgetown Festival, a really cool arts festival in Penang. Then after graduating,Lucy spent a year living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, to work on some property projects, she even learnt the local khmer language!

Lucy moved to Scotland 4 years ago, she’s half-Scottish and has strong roots there. She spent a lot of time hiking the munros (hills), visiting castles and whiskey distilleries (of which there are many!). In her spare time, Lucy enjoys meeting up with friends, cooking and is a big fan of brunches and oat latte. She reads lots of novels, (occasionally) go to the gym and is re/learning to play the violin!

About …And So Forth

…And So Forth is a content marketing consultancy that supports growing B2B service providers. They generate content that’s creative, compelling and makes a return on investment, whether it’s for a one-off project or working with a business long-term to establish best marketing practices. Based in London, they work with companies in the “co” space, including service providers of the co-working and co-living ecosystem. I’m an enthusiast of inclusive spaces. I used to work with Co-Liv, the largest network of co-living professionals, as Head of Marketing, she is a regular member and guest blogger of the London Co-working Assembly. Lucy hosted one of their last events held at the Workspace Design Show!

…And So Forth came about just before the pandemic. Lucy was studying a Masters in Interior Design at the Glasgow School of Art and met lots of amazing creative entrepreneurs who weren’t marketing themselves well. They found many opportunities working together. When the pandemic hit, a lot of small businesses were still looking for marketing services, and as her outgoings were low, it worked out well for Lucy to grow her own business which is still going strong today!

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Lucy’s favourite workspaces: Hart Shoreditch, TownSq Islington and Clockwise Edinburgh

“I met Giedre at a London Co-working Assembly breakfast event back in October and she convinced me to come along to the co-work & brunch event the following day. It was so good! I met Vik, Tony and Ammadine there and from then on we’ve become really good friends and supporters of one another. We co-work together from othership spaces most weeks. It’s great to connect with other freelancers, this is something that’s been missing from my life for a while and is helping to grow my business. I worked with the othership team on a project at the end of last year, and am grateful to Arnaud and the team for the opportunity!”

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