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As someone who’s passionate about travel, Tony loves to gather design inspiration from every place and everything he encounters. He spent some time living and working in Milan with world-renowned experts. This is where Tony developed his sensitivity towards materials and design…along with a new passion for coffee! Tony is always looking for exciting work; from freelance opportunities to working for innovative companies so feel free to get in touch, even just to say hello!

About Tony Conroy Designs

They are your London-based End-to-End Packaging & Product Design Experts. Placing human need and interaction at the very forefront of the process, they ensure that their designs actively improve the lives of those who use them. This is achieved through an empathetic and holistic approach to problem-solving. They help businesses of all sizes create packaging that not only looks great but also increases brand awareness, is sustainable, and meets the requirements of their customers. Their services include end-to-end design, project intensive support, and 1:1 hourly support tailored to clients current struggles. They take a collaborative approach to design, working closely with our clients to understand their unique needs, goals, and challenges. They work with businesses across various industries, including startups and individuals with innovative ideas.

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Tony’s favourite workspaces: 21 Soho

“I was referred to ‘Othership’ by a friend after working at various coffee shops around London. Since then, I have been to a couple of the co-working spaces mainly 21 Soho, which has a really pleasant ambience and met some really nice people and even squeezed in some after work drinks.”

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