Torbjörn is an avid reader and also passionate about creative hobby projects. Currently he runs his business, Telephort, does some sewing on the side, and is also designing and building his own furniture for his house. He loves to connect and learn from people in other industries so if anyone wants to get in touch feel free to reach out to him!

About Telephort

Telephort is a digital freight and logistics company working to make road freight efficient and sustainable. Today the lorries on the road are moving around with a lot of air, and generally have around 30-40% of their capacity not utilised. Their ambition is to build a new digital network for part load road freight that is zero carbon, zero friction and zero waste. At the heart of the problem is the industry’s lack of digitalisation.

Telephort believe that by using a digital-first mindset, they can make road freight simpler, more intuitive, more environmentally friendly and more cost efficient at the same time. They leverage machine learning and AI and are able to consolidate freight smarter with fill rates well above the industry average and are always moving goods depot free directly from origin to destination. By doing this they are creating environmental benefits, quality improvements, and cost savings – benefits we pass on to our customers.

Torbjörn’s favourite workspace: 21 Soho

“I joined one of the co-work & brunch events and loved it, so I decided to try out the full flo-working experience. I have connected with several members which could be potential collaboration partners in the future.”

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