Robert Flint

Robert is a London-based entrepreneur and founder of Adviserly.

Adviserly is three things:
1. an exclusive cross-border referral network of tech-enabled boutique law and accounting firms. It is similar to other networks, but comprised of smaller firms, each with their area of specialism.
2. a client-facing platform, allowing members to refer work to – and collaborate with – each other to provide a full-spectrum service to clients, and for clients to submit work requests directly to members.
3. a community of pioneers – professionals and their clients who are specialised, international and pushing the boundaries of our fields, helping each other change the world one problem at a time. We share best practice, insight and best-in-class technology from around the world.

Robert always finishes the books he’s reading. Eventually. He admits that he probably should have given up on The Pickwick Papers (2.5 years), L’Assommoir (3 years and counting) and the Intelligent Investor (5 years and counting)…

Robert’s favourite workspace: 21 Soho

I joined Othership after Ben, one of the co-founders, had contacted me on LinkedIn. I attended some online coffee mornings, got to know people and the rest is history!

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