`In the age of hybrid work environments, organizations must navigate the nuances of office space selection. The quest for balance between the ever-changing needs of your employees and the strategic goals of your organization requires a deep dive into the options. This article will guide you through the varied landscapes of serviced, managed and leased offices that could suit your evolving business model.

A guide too choosing the right type of oiffice. Serviced vs Managed, vs Leased.
A guide to choosing the right type of oiffice. Serviced vs Managed, vs Leased.


Serviced Offices: Flexibility for the Agile Workforce

For businesses that prioritize adaptability and streamlined operations, serviced offices stand out as the prime choice. These workspaces are synonymous with flexibility, often coming with the convenience of monthly rolling contracts. That can be of significant benefit to startups and growing companies honing in on scalability.

Key advantages of serviced offices include:

  • No long-term lease commitments
  • Provisions for workspace as per need, thus controlling expenses
  • Availability of amenities beneficial for employee experience

However, bear in mind the limited scope they offer for customization. For organizations that value employee satisfaction and cultural vitality, serviced offices serve as a stepping stone. They do this by crafting a hybrid work strategy that champions cost-efficiency alongside employee well-being. Explore Othership’s handpicked serviced offices and find the best fit for you and your team

Managed Offices: Customize Your Brand Identity Within Predictable Budgets

If you believe your organisation’s identity and projection within your workspace hold paramount importance, managed offices may be your tailored fit. These spaces typically propose leasing terms from one to three years. This grants a sense of permanence without the rigidity of traditional long-term leases.

The customization of managed offices allows them to mirror your company’s ethos, creating an authentic brand experience for both employees and visitors. Noteworthy for Operations Directors, managed offices simplify financial planning through predictable monthly fees that include:

  • Rent
  • Fit-outs
  • Operational expenses

Managed offices stand at the intersection of distinctive workplace identity and administrative simplicity. Managed offices therefore embody the essence of your brand within a functional and fiscally sound package.

Leased Offices: The Economical Solution for Firm Roots

For established firms with a clear vision and the means for a long-term spatial commitment, leased offices often appear as the front-runner. Suited for entities with a comprehensive grasp of their spatial requirements and financial wherewithal, leased office contracts extend beyond the three-year mark.

Leased spaces offer:

  • Full autonomy in office design to reflect the company’s growth and vision
  • Enhanced corporate identity through customized environments

Though the upfront costs may be substantial, the long-term economic benefits of a leased space are undeniable. This option speaks volumes of an enduring commitment to your business’s legacy and foundational values.

Time to Move Forward

With the future of work gravitating towards flexibility and adaptability, your role in aligning workspace choice with corporate strategy becomes increasingly more critical. Whether it be the convertible nature of serviced offices, the branded feel of managed spaces, or the enduring commitment of leased premises, the choice you make today will resonate with the future trajectory of your organization.

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