Remote working has garnered a huge audience lately. With the plethora of benefits that this type of work offers workers, it is not much of a shocker that 8 out of 10 people will readily choose to work remotely over working in the traditional office.

Remote workers have adopted a new means of working which involves working in shared workplaces or what we know as coworking spaces. Working in a conducive environment and with people who share common interests has got to be the best thing to happen to remote workers.

Not only do these shared workplaces provide you with free Wi-Fi and comfy chairs & tables, but they also provide an opportunity to leave your home, interact with the world, and meet people with the same goals as yours.

Today remote workers are allowed to work anywhere from libraries, cafes, museums to hotel lobbies too. Check out Why Luxury Hotel Lobbies Make Perfect Digital Nomad Offices for a great experience.

Besides providing you with a free pass, these spaces are equipped with everything you need to work comfortably without breaking a sweat. Typically, these free coworking spaces offer free Wi-Fi and a secluded environment with comfy chairs and tables. Virtually everything a remote worker needs to work perfectly.

Free Coworking Space

Some businesses now give out their spaces to laptop workers for free. These spaces are usually stuffed with chairs, charging sockets, tables, and free Wi-Fi connection. Some businesses use this as a strategy to invite people into their premises. These laptop workers could become long-term customers in the long run. It may not be as common as coffee shops, but you are sure to find some of these spaces in big cities.

Check out our free workspaces, which we carefully select so that you can then book and access free coffees, discounts on food & drink and get guaranteed power & WiFi. We also host a range of events including ‘Coworking &X’unch’ sessions for the community. New people can always come along and are encouraged to host their own coworking, inviting others to the free workspaces.

Other Homes

Although many workers are attracted to coworking spaces, we can observe that most of us are chosen to work from the comfort of home.

Working from other people’s home isn’t such a bad idea too. It takes away the loneliness and total comfort of someone else’s home. You do not have to worry about being distracted by the TV because you will have a secluded space in or outside the home. Fortunately, many homes are opening their doors for free to laptop workers today. There are homeowners who are happy to have laptop workers in Remoters Community.


Museums are typically quiet and they have strong Wi-Fi connection — two major ingredients of any ‘good’ coworking space. Here, you are less likely to find incessant chattering and there is no food or coffee distracting you from work. It is just loud enough for you to take calls — unlike libraries. Also, they have strong chair and tables. If you are looking for a quiet place to work and still feel human contact, then the museum is sure to fit the bill.


For those who do not seek a completely quiet environment, the food court of shopping malls can be a great option too. They contain chairs and tables and free Wi-Fi. Weekends might not be a good time though, however, you will enjoy the large space especially during workdays when there are fewer people at shopping malls.


Coworking libraries are becoming a great workplace choice among many remote workers. Besides being free, these libraries are virtually always quiet, so, you can get things done without any distraction. Libraries usually contain chairs and tables and free Wi-Fi, making them a perfect escape from your lonely home. Nonetheless, it is worthy to note that the deafening silence can be to your disadvantage sometimes. Due to the serenity of the place, you are banned from making calls, which can be a deal breaker for some remote workers. Therefore, you may have to consider other options if you are looking to make or take calls while in the space.


Today, a ton of workplaces are opening their doors to remote workers without asking for a dime. As the new system of work is being embraced globally, more and more spaces are opening up for people with laptops to come work. Do not allow loneliness to weigh you down in your home. Be sure to switch between any of these coworking spaces from time to time.

Author: Samatha Mattos 

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