With the world being what it is, it’s easy to assume that all the business events and networking events for startups have been cancelled. The truth is they’ve moved online,  so we’ve put together a list of 10 online events you should still attend as a startup Entrepreneur / Founder this year.

Whether you’re looking for creative events for entrepreneurs, to be exposed to the latest tech, or just some online networking events, there’s bound to be something here that will have you sign up in an instant.

Othership Events

Network & Coffee Banner Image - an online event for freelancers, founders and flexible workers

Network & Coffee

Every Monday & Wednesday

For many, the word ‘networking’ conjures images of people in suits shaking hands and making meaningless small-talk. For us, networking is about bringing like-minded people together to converse and collaborate.

Our twice-weekly Network & Coffee event is for founders, freelancers and entrepreneurs, and it’s the people that matter the most. Here you will find a group of friendly professionals looking to grow their network and their business. It’s a great place to bounce ideas off each other, ask for advice, and it’s one of the best events for networking.


Othership Fri-yay Social Event - Network & Coffee Banner Image - an online event for freelancers, founders and flexible workers

Fri-yay Social

Last Friday of every month

If you miss going for after-work drinks with your colleagues then the Othership Fri-yay Social is for you. It’s a great place to meet other founders and freelancers to unwind, have a good time and celebrate the end of the week.

This isn’t your average online networking event… Here we play games and share cocktails, all whilst meeting new people, many of which have gone on to collaborate on projects together.


SEIS and EIS Tutorial BannerNetwork & Coffee Banner Image - an online event for start up founders and accountants

SEIS & EIS Tutorial

Second Friday of every month

If you’re a founder looking for investors or to raise money for your business and you don’t know about the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme, or whether you’re eligible for tax relief, then our SEIS & EIS Tutorial is an event you can’t afford to miss.

Here we’ll summarise what it means to apply for the scheme, the steps involved and everything we learnt from the mistakes we made on our first attempt.

Hosted by Othership Founder, Benjamin Carew, this lesson on SEIS is free to premium Othership members and is, without a doubt, one of the best events for digital entrepreneurs – simply because it helps you save money!


Pitch For Investment Banner Image - an online event for entrepreneurs and start up founders to raise finances

Pitch For Investment

Last Thursday of every month (excluding December)

Are you looking for investors? Have you got a killer pitch waiting to be delivered? Our Pitch For Investment event is the perfect place to pitch a startup idea to investors. Not only will you get the opportunity to pitch your business and potentially secure investment, but you’ll be able to get invaluable feedback from our investor panel.

If you’re a premium Othership member, you can get 50% off the cost to deliver a pitch (usually £60), or you can join as part of the audience for free – regardless of your membership.


R&D Tax Credits Tutorial

R&D Tax Credit Tutorial

First Friday of every month

Did you know you could be eligible to receive research and development (R&D) tax credits? Yes, that’s right – you! Despite what most people think, R&D tax credits aren’t only awarded to the super-innovative companies inventing futuristic and cutting-edge technology.

Any company that creates a new product, or—in some cases has a new way of doing things, that’s technically classed as innovating in the eyes of HMRC. This means that as part of the government’s pledge to make the UK the most innovative country, businesses all over the UK could be completely unaware of their eligibility for tax relief.

If there’s even the slightest chance that this could be you, then don’t miss our R&D Tax Credit Tutorial. Hosted by business advisory firm Aspen Waite, you’ll leave this event with an understanding of the R&D Tax Credit Scheme, the steps required in completing an application and additional resources to help you later on.

Get the Word Out event banner

General Assembly Events

Various dates 

General Assembly (GA) offers specialist education and training courses targeted at founders and entrepreneurs. The company offers courses to help empower underrepresented communities in tech and adults with a low income. Why does GA do this? Because it believes that everyone should have the right to pursue a career that they love. 

Fortunately for Othership members, we have a partnership with GA. This means we’re able to offer our members various educational events to help them thrive in their career as a founder.

Other Events We Love

Mobile World Congress Banner

Mobile World Congress

June – July

In 2019, The Mobile World Congress (MWC) brought together 2,400 exhibitors and 8,000 CEOs from the connectivity industry under one roof in Barcelona. Some of the highlights for 2021 include keynote speakers, including the Founders and CEOs of companies such as IBM, Starling Bank, Revolut and Nokia. 

As it stands, this year the MWC is set to be a hybrid event that will allow attendees to join either virtually or physically.  And let’s be honest, when things go back to normal who doesn’t want to spend some time in Barcelona?


Startup grind event banner

Startup Grind Global Conference


The Startup Grind Global Conference is the perfect event for anyone that’s looking to establish a startup company. You can connect with more than 15,000 other founders, entrepreneurs, investors, students, speakers and businesses.

As the four-day conference is currently being held virtually, more people than ever before can share ideas, find new opportunities and spark each other’s inspiration. The agenda will include hands-on workshops led by experts of more than 30 subjects. You also get insights from the founders and CEOs of the world’s most influential companies and inspiring talks from some of the world’s most innovative minds in modern business.

CES Banner

Consumer Electronics Show


From drones and robotics to 3D printers and smart homes, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) brings together the manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content and delivery systems to network and learn from keynote speakers. 

In 2021, CES took place as a 100% online event and encouraged the tech community to not only collaborate and share ideas but to offer a glimpse into the future of consumer technology. If you’re the founder of a tech startup, then this event is for you.

Whilst this year’s event has already been and gone, you can still catch many of the CES keynote presentations on its website. Web Summit Banner

Web Summit


Dubbed “the best technology conference on the planet” by Forbes, and “a grand conclave of the tech industry’s high priests” by The New York Times. Web Summit has now firmly established itself as one of the most important events on every tech entrepreneur’s calendar. 

In 2020, attendees got to listen to influential people from both inside and outside of the tech world, such as Serena Williams and Founder of Zoom, Eric YuanZoom. The summit’s goal is to gather Founders and CEOs of technology behemoths, pioneering startups and policymakers to discuss the future of mankind’s relationship with tech.


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