Remote and hybrid work arrangements remain prevalent today. However, Microsoft’s New Future of Work Report showed that working from home resulted in employees feeling socially isolated and trying to overcompensate. As it is, 80% of UK workers said that working from home has negatively impacted their mental health. Aside from isolation, many cite productivity and loss of a work-life balance as major challenges that have decreased their well-being.

To help you overcome these obstacles, it’s important to seek out resources that can motivate you while working remotely. Fortunately, podcasts are a great way to be inspired so you can get back on track with your career. Here are a few that are worth looking into:

Daily Meditation Podcast

Our post ‘A Resource Guide to Help You Refuel and Recharge’ mentioned that it’s important to create a workspace that’s conducive to concentration. But sometimes, the problem lies with starting your workday, especially when you anticipate stress from looming deadlines or unresponsive teammates. As such, it’s best to begin your day by sharpening your focus. Daily Meditation Podcast ensures that you’re adequately prepared for your tasks. Generally, each episode explores different meditation techniques so you can manage daily anxieties. “Managing Your Reaction to Stress,” specifically, teaches you deep breathing methods so that your mind is clear when you tackle the day’s first agenda. In any case, this podcast can provide you with the necessary tools to boost your productivity.


WorkLife with Adam Grant

The referenced Microsoft report shared that remote or hybrid arrangements can lead you to lose motivation, or worse, purpose. It’s a situation no one wants to be in, and luckily, there are some great stories out there that can reignite your love for work. WorkLife with Adam Grant is among the podcasts on Scribd that adeptly talks about navigating through work frustrations. Adam Grant, an organisational psychologist, takes you through the experiences of notable figures and how they overcame hardships in their career. The episode on Celeste Ng, a New York Times bestselling author, is particularly incisive. Here, she and Grant talk about the importance of staying curious about your work. So if you want to reinvigorate your passion amidst the minutiae of working from home, then this podcast will certainly prove helpful.


Outside the Valley

Outside the Valley is a series of deep dives geared towards distributed team leaders. Each episode focuses on an aspect of remote work, and one in particular that stands out is “How to Build Trust in Remote Teams.” Claire Lew runs point in the conversation as she shares advice on how to improve your management skills. Lew stresses that empathy and trust, above all, are vital in remote working. This is because employees can develop a sense of disconnect from your team the longer they’re away from a physical workspace. A study published on Taylor & Francis Online even discovered that lack of social support from team leaders can negatively impact well-being and engagement. Fortunately, Lew’s insights can help you mitigate the decrease in employee satisfaction and promote a better remote work environment.


The Investor Mindset

If you’ve worked from home for some time now, you may be wondering if you still have opportunities for growth. Many factors, like gender disparity, can become a hurdle when you want to advance at work. In fact, a Guardian article discussed that female hybrid workers were being excluded from important interactions. Overcoming this will mean pursuing opportunities yourself. And in The Investor Mindset, host Steven Pesavento consistently urges his listeners to create their own path career-wise. One titled “Personal Growth Through Relationship Networking” features Dan Mackin and is centred on actively collaborating with your colleagues to enhance your skill set and widen your network. One way to go about this in remote work is by reaching out to your colleagues through messaging platforms. This way, you can share ideas about current or future projects and showcase your determination. Ultimately, Pesavento and Mackin stress that connection and communication together is the key to professional development while working from home.

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