Everybody knows the feeling of that afternoon slump that tends to come during the workday. This lack of energy can leave you feeling unmotivated and unproductive. Luckily, there are some simple steps you can take to refuel and recharge to avoid this scenario. This resource guide explains your options.

Create a workspace that’s conducive to concentration

It all starts with your surroundings. Make your workspace an area that invigorates you instead of sapping your energy.

  • Set up an ergonomically friendly workspace to avoid aches and enhance comfort.
  • Light increases alertness, so take steps to brighten your office—for example, by opening the blinds and adding lamps.
  • Plants enhance air quality and are shown to alleviate workplace stress, so add low-maintenance greenery around your desk.

Incorporate physical activity into your day

Keep moving to maintain circulation and stay mentally alert.

  • Determine wheather you’re more likely to work out before or after work and set a schedule to stick to.
  • Alternatively, look into lunchtime exercise to keep fit and revive your mid-day energy.
  • You can also try exercises to get your energy up right at your desk and do exercises to improve posture

Take a break to recharge by doing nothing

Stepping away from your obligations can leave you reinvigorated and ready to focus again.

  • Try listening to music, which can reduce stress and improve sleep, giving you more energy.
  • Use a quick guided 15-minute meditation to regain focus and vigour.
  • Take a brisk walk to refuel. If possible, go somewhere green, as it’s been shown that spending time in nature can energize people.

Adapt your “recharge” agenda for home office

When working from home, you’ll face additional distractions that can sap your energy.

  • Set up a separate space in your home where you can work without interruptions.
  • Follow these tips from Zen Business to avoid getting distracted by kids at home—like assigning them chores.
  • Take a break from your home and work from one of our free and unique workspaces

You can’t perform at your peak all day, every day. However, taking some of the steps above can help you refuel and recharge, maintaining better energy levels from start to finish.


This article was written by Justin Bennett. He is an author and the creator of Healthy Fit, which collects valuable fitness resources from across the web.

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